Organic Spartan Spirit Pilaf with Shoyu Chicken [R]

Organic Spartan Spirit Pilaf with Shoyu Chicken [R]

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Description: Go green with Organic Quinoa combined with mukimame, raisins and chopped green veggies with a hint of maple sweetness. Even though this pilaf is delicious all by itself, we wanted to give you a little extra. Shoyu marinated chicken pairs perfectly giving meat lovers that delicious savory addition.

Ingredients: white quinoa, chicken thigh, kale, soy bean, raisins, fennel seeds, pecans, shoyu soy sauce, ginger powder, white rice wine, coconut oil, maple syrup, cardamon powder, black pepper.

Contains Nuts, Soy

Calories 380
Protein (g) 26.7 g
Fat (g) 10.7 g
Carbs (g) 43.4 g



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