How It Works

No Subscription necessary

We offer a rotating menu of meal choices each week. You can preview the current menu here.

Between Mon - Wed choose the quantity of healthy food you’ll need to get you through the week. Each Sunday, we'll prepare, cook and deliver your food directly to your hands and not your doorstep. When hungry, simply heat and eat.

Note: If you won't be around during the Sunday delivery window, hit the "Chat With Us" button to schedule a time that works.

Instant Delivery

We believe that you should never have to compromise when it comes to the quality of your food - even after midnight. You need food at your convenience. And we heard you. That’s why we created Instant Delivery!

What's instant delivery?
A few times per week we cook small quantities of food and store them in our refrigerators. When you place and Instant Delivery order we simply run by the kitchen to collect it. You’ll have your food in your hands WITHIN 30 MINUTES of placing your order OR as late as 3AM on the weekends.

Instant Delivery orders usually come in right after the bars have closed. Some of our customers use Instant Delivery to do guilt-free, lean refueling after a long night out or to avoid the long food lines; but Instant Delivery can be used by just about anyone looking for a quick, hassle-free lunch or dinner.

Instant Delivery Hours

  • Mon-Thurs 7am - 10:30pm
  • Fri 7am - 3am (Sat)
  • Sat 7am - 3am (Sun)
  • Sun 7am - 10:30pm
Instant delivery
Meal Plans

Select the right plan for you

Meal plans are our subscription service. They are meant for those who are serious about committing to their healthy eating goals. We offer a variety of weekly plan sizes to fit your lifestyle - just pick the plan that suits you best. You can always change your plan later if your needs change.

We automatically bill your card each week. All you have to do each week is select the meals you want. You're free to cancel your subscription at any time.

Find Your Plan