Brand Ambassador


To establish a collaborative effort between MenuBubble and yourself that will provide you with additional income, MenuBubble with facilitated customer acquisition, and those you refer with a valuable service (let’s face it, healthy eating should be on everyone’s agenda, and you could help drive that).



Active Ambassador: Someone who continues to refer customers to MenuBubble. To maintain this status, a brand ambassador simply needs to acquire 1 new customer per year (every 365 days). 

Active Referral: A referral who purchased a MenuBubble meal plan.



You are to refer others (friends, family members, clients, social media audiences, etc.) to MenuBubble’s services. As long as you maintain Active Ambassador status, you will receive passive income indefinitely from each customer you refer to MenuBubble. 

If you lose Active Ambassador status, you will also lose your compensation rank, and your affiliate code. To reactivate your code, you will have to send a request via email.



    MenuBubble will supply a unique coupon code for you to share with your referrals. 

    This affiliation code will:

    • Give customers who use your code a discount.
    • Give you a percentage of ALL transactions made by customers who use your code.



    Rank 1 (0 – 2 active referrals) 

    • 3% kickback from all purchases made by your referrals.  

    Rank 2 (3 - 5 active referrals) 

    • 4% kickback from all purchases made by your referrals.  

    Rank 3 (5+ active referrals) 

    • 5% kickback from all purchases made by your referrals.  

    Our rank 3 ambassadors average $56/week in passive income. 


    Collaborative Events 

    If you have any suggestions about collaborative events you may be interested in working, hosting or attending on behalf of / with MenuBubble, please send us an email with your ideas.


    Contact us

    For anything concerning the Brand Ambassador program, reach out to 
    Include your name & phone number in the email, and put “Brand Ambassador” in the email’s subject line.