Amazing Grass Green Superfood Antioxidant

Packed with organic greens, wholesome fruits and vegetables, plus nutrient-dense superfruits to fight free radicals, Amazing Grass Green Superfood Antioxidant is a convenient way to get the whole food nutrition your body needs in a delicious powder that’s simple to enjoy.

Simply pour one packet into water or juice, use it to boost your favorite smoothie, or even bake into tasty recipes as a convenient way to help maintain overall health and wellness.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Antioxidant is crafted with alkalizing farm fresh greens, and filled with antioxidant-rich super foods like Camu, Elderberry, Mangosteen and more that target ALL five major types of radicals. It also aids natural digestive function.

  • Zero Gluten, No Sugar Added, Plant Based, Non GMO, Kosher
  • Contains 15,000 ORAC units per serving

NOTE: Antioxidants with high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) help convert free radicals into harmless waste products that get eliminated from the body.