Greater Lansing

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Days Regular Hours Lunch Blitz
Mon-Fri 7am - 9:30pm 10am - 1pm
Sat 7am - 3am (Next day) 10am - 1pm
Sun 7am - 9:30pm 10am - 1pm

What is Lunch Blitz?
We get your food to you in 30 MINS OR LESS. Always. OR YOUR MEAL IS ON US.

To schedule delivery for a particular time or day add a note to your order when checking out.

  Calories: 560 | Protein: 46g
  Calories: 370   |   Protein: 36g
  Calories: 370   |   Protein: 27g
  Calories: 540   |   Protein: 38g
  Calories: 530   |   Protein: 34g